Comfort, looks and price are starting points in boat shopping, but no purchase should even be considered before you complete a sea-trial test - but we can do this for you and offer expert advice and a detailed report so you know what you are purchasing. We test boats for different reasons than a potential buyer would. Mostly, we want to see if a boat has any idiosyncrasies that might get a less-experienced operator into trouble. In other words, we do some of the things our fathers told us, "Don't you ever do that!"

A prospective buyer should perform some of the same tests we do when taking a boat out for a sea trial. First off we conduct a safety test. This is a biggie. Then check the Hull Integrity, Tracking Ease, Low Speed Control, and conduct a Systems Check to ensure that every mechanism on the boat is operational. Finally we will check any Written Documentation and give you a written detailed report for you.